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Where can you use your 12-volt battery powered portable cooler air conditioner?RV Air Conditioning

KoolerAire battery powered air conditioners continue to be the best selling, 12-volt, efficient, versatile, personal air cooling products nationwide! Our formula for success has always been; reliability, cost, quality, and performance backed by years of customer satisfaction! Its only limitation is your imagination.

With our unique portable design battery powered cooling has become more convenient than ever before! And, unlike other brands we're not restricted by messy hoses, pads, pumps, or water supply! Our wide range of power options means you can take cool air anywhere!

The KoolerAire's battery powered 12-volt portable air conditioners attractive, compact profile, whisper quiet fan, and low power consumption makes it the economical alternative to twelve volt air coolers costing hundreds of dollars! Also, our low amps means much longer run times compared to all other brands! Order yours today and see what thousands of satisfied customers already know...KoolerAire works for hundreds less! Perfect for boats, tents, camping, golf cart, hot truck cabs or cars, surveillance, camper, stuffy rooms, Rv's, doghouse, sheds, barns, use it anywhere! Now that's cool!

Recreation Vehicle Air Conditioner

RV Recreation Vehicle12-volt portable affordable

Great for traveling and spending time with family in the great outdoors. Never sweat another night in your recreation vehicle again when you bring KoolerAire along for the ride. The units low amp draw will not drain your battery and can be used inside or out, use Kooler-Aire anywhere for cooler aire!

Golf Cart Air Conditioner

Golf Cart Golf Cartportable affordable

Take Kooler-Aire along on your golf cart for a calm, cool and collected day on the green. Its the hole in one for keeping you and your beverages chilled on the hottest of days. You have more important decisions to contemplate aside from finding relief from the heat, now go get em! F-O-U-R!

Pet - Dog Air Conditioner

Pet - Dog Pet - Dog12-volt portable affordable

KoolerAire is certainly worthy of mans best friend, all that fur is great to pet but in reality on a hot summer day it must be brutal. He (or she) is your buddy and its up to you to make sure they're as comfortable as possible inside or out. The doghouse is punishment for your husband not your dog, lets keep it that way!

Tent - Camping - Air Conditioner

Tent Camping Tent - Camping12-volt air conditioning

Nothing puts a damper on a camping trip like bad weather, typically we think of rain but the heat can also ruin a perfect evening under the stars. Relax in comfort inside your tent with the 12-volt portable affordable cooling comfort of KoolerAire. No camping trip should be without one! Now, pass the marshmallows.

Marine - Boat Air Conditioner

Boat - Marine Boat - Marine12-volt portable affordable

Cuddy cabins or salons can be roasting on a hot summer day or night, think of your boat as a small green house on the water and you're the plant! Turn on KoolerAire while keeping a window slightly cracked for circulation and you'll be as cool as a (sea) cucumber in no time.

Truck Air Conditioner

Truck Truck12-volt air conditioning

Save money on gas during idle time while keeping yourself cooler and comfortable in the trucks sleeper compartment, "fill er up" with ice and you're golden all night long and remember, the Kooler-Aire 12-volt portable truck air conditioner can also be used on the road while driving. Keep on truckin with this portable affordable solution.

Auto - Car Air Conditioner

Car - Auto Car - AutoBattery Powered

It always seems to happen at the worst possible time, the peak of summer and your car A/C goes on the blink. Lets face it, in today's economy its a costly repair you simply don't have time for. Crank up the battery powered Kooler-Aire and get back on the road again cooler in hand, you've got places to go and people to see!

Camper Air Conditioner

Camper / Camping CamperBattery Powered

Pop up campers are a fantastic way to get out and enjoy the great outdoors but roughing it while in your camper only goes so far with some. Feeling comfortable is the purpose of the camper after all, don't fall short by not being cool while enjoying every moment day or night. Its a jungle out there not in here!

Airplane - Aircraft Air Conditioner

Airplane - Aircraft AirplaneAircraft - Airplane

Keep your cool whether on the ground or in the air with the cooling comfort and low power consumption of KoolerAire. It wont take up valuable space or weight and will save you hundreds compared to all other portable battery powered aircraft air conditioners. Up...Up...and away with KoolerAire!

KoolerAire Anywhere

Anywhere AnywhereAnywhere

Where can the Kooler-Aire battery powered air conditioner be used? Anywhere...tailgating, dugouts, concerts in the park, your porch, deck or patio. Its also great as an emergency back up, camping, hurricanes, storm shelters and the elderly. Use it anywhere...KoolerAire's only limitation is your imagination!



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