Portable 12 volt boat air conditioners Only $49.95!

Portable Boat Air Conditioner 12 volt Marine Air Conditioners

Personal 12 volt marine air conditioning for: tents, trucks, boats, golf cart, campers, auto's and RV's!

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The 12v AC Cooler evaporative air conditioner applications!Portable 12v AC Air Condtioner

Marine - Boat - Cuddy Cabin 12 volt air conditioner Marine - Boat - Cuddy Cabin

Nothing comes close to our portable Boat / Marine air conditioners when it comes to providing chilled air for your boats cuddy or small cabin!

Camper - Tent - Camping 12 volt air conditioner Camper - Tent - Camping

The KoolerAire air cooler and a small battery pack are unbeatable when camping in the great outdoors, especially during those hot nights!

Auto - RV - Truck - Golf Carts - Aircraft - Traveling 12 volt air conditioner Auto - RV - Truck - Golf Carts - Aircraft - Traveling

Hot truck cabs, cars parked for extended times, construction sights, earth moving equipment. You'll never look at that twelve volt receptacle the same again without thinking;  "I need a KoolerAire air conditioner"

Power Failure - Emergency 12 Volt Air Conditioner Power Failure - EmergencyPortable Boat Air Conditioner 12 volt Marine Air Conditioners

Did you ever have a power failure when it was 80, 90, or even 100 degrees? If so you know just how hot it gets & how fast. Now you can stay comfortable until the powers restored! Just fill your chest with ice from the freezer as soon as the power goes out and install KoolerAire then plug it into our power-pack and enjoy!

Military - Jeep - Trucks 12 volt air conditioner Military - Jeep - Trucks

It has proven itself effective not only at home but under the rigorous demands of our military. Don't take our word on it, read what James "Butch" Corcoran of the 1st Infantry in Iraq had to say about KoolerAire here.

Mail Carriers - UPS - FedEx - Marine air conditioners Mail Carriers - UPS - FedEx - USPS

The list goes on and on when it comes to the folks that deliver packages regardless of the weather!

Highway Toll Booth air conditioner 12 volt Highway Toll Booth

Our device has been well received by many state employees along the Garden State Parkway. "This device made my summer!" says one toll booth operator. "I went to my manager and showed him the product to see if it was acceptable to use. I'm happy to say the long, hot days of summer were literally a breeze." Thank you KoolerAire!

Pets - Horse - Dogs - Cats - Doghouse - Crate  air conditioner 12 volt Pets - Horse - Dogs - Cats - Doghouse - Crate

While in the car or traveling with Pets our air cooling product is great whenever you need to transport animals or leave them for a short period of time. For safety, please remember to keep the windows cracked slightly and check on them often!

Deck - Patio - Porch - Lanai - Lawn or Sporting Events AC Deck - Patio - Porch - Lanai - Lawn or Sporting Events

KoolerAire is a wonderful outdoor spot cooler as well, relax in cooling comfort while resting in your favorite outdoor nook listening to the radio, reading or watching TV. Take KoolerAire along for the ball game whether in the stands, bench or basketball court. Keep the kids cool between innings or while enjoying Shakespeare in the park...Cool air anywhere with KoolerAire.

KoolerAire portable 12 Volt AC cooler anywhere KoolerAire portable 12 Volt AC cooler anywhere!

With its unique design our 12v Portable AC uses are endless, it's only limitation is your imagination! Use KoolerAire anywhere even if you do not have a cigarette socket power supply by utilizing our rechargeable portable power pack.


12 volt AC cooler  boats, tents, autos, campers, and RV's

Portable 12 volt evaporative AC cooling by KoolerAire!



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