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12 volt air conditioner product FAQ.Coleman Air conditioner

12 volt coleman air conditioners How does the KoolerAire 12 volt air conditioner work?

KoolerAire's powerful fan draws hot air into your ice filled chest forcing this air to penetrate deep and chill before exiting. The air is forced in faster than it can escape cooling to approximately 50 degrees before being released into your cabin or small space. It also works well as a space cooler providing relief from the heat in larger areas.

Portable Air Conditioning How long will the ice last?

Temperature has everything to do with how long the ice will last. Try using frozen soda bottles or Tupperware containers filled and frozen for extended use! The trick is to use large blocks (although cubes cool just as well) the larger blocks provide longer cooling. A combination of both is ideal! It has been written in to us by several campers that they would fill and freeze the entire cooler which would last the entire weekend! Another great trick is to purchase bag ice and throw the whole bag inside without breaking up the cubes. This acts as a large block as the cubes fuse together. Either way you'll enjoy hours of refreshing chilled air.

portable evaporative air conditioning Have you done any testing?

Yes, and we were quite impressed with the results! With a room temperature of approximately 79 degrees, and 1 1/2 bags of ice, the unit  was releasing air at a crisp 48 degrees! A drop in temperature of 31 degrees!

personal cooling systems What should I do for best results in a vehicle or other small enclosed space?

It is very important to remember when using in a vehicle to allow for proper ventilation. KoolerAire will be releasing cold air at about 50 degrees yet hot air will still be entering your vehicle through the steel and glass. Your vehicle is like a small greenhouse on wheels and the hot air entering and the cold air from the unit will cancel one another out. By keeping the windows cracked slightly this will allow for the hot air to rise and exit while the unit is producing cold air. You may need to experiment on how much the window needs to be cracked, heat, humidity, shade or direct sunlight are all factors you need to consider. On the average we have found two windows opened approximately 1 1/2 to 2 inches works well.

personal cooling systems What works best inside the ice chest?

Ice cubes are the most readily available product to place inside your Cooler, however, try Ice Packs, 2 liter soft drink bottles or 1 gallon jugs filled with water and frozen! These larger blocks will produce ice cold air for extended periods of time while reducing the amount of humidity being released!

12 volt Coleman Air Conditioner Is there any way to point the airflow in a specific direction?

If you have the need to direct the airflow all that's required is a 1 1/2 inch PVC Elbow. Simply place it over the exhaust port for 360 degrees of movement! It is ideal for stationary use to direct the air to a specific area! You may pick one up at your local hardware store but because of the high demand and excellent use of this item it is now available on the order page.

Portable Air Conditioning Can I run the unit off my house current?

Yes, all you need is an AC /DC Power Converter and you can power KoolerAire with any standard 110 volt outlet. Don't forget to check out our Portable Power Pack for cooling on the road!

Coleman Evaporative Coolers Why not one of those other brands?

First and works, Guaranteed and KoolerAire is only $39.95 compared to other brands costing $200.00, $300.00 or even $400.00! Secondly, KoolerAire is totally portable. Most other brands require some sort of water supply or second container which holds the cooling medium. This actually limits the portability of these brands and makes them clumsy and quite bulky. Don't believe the hype, these other coolers work by water dripping over a pad which is then air forced out into your area. This air is damp and consists of great amounts of humidity. Use frozen bottles as mentioned above and KoolerAire will not release any additional moisture! Also, be sure to check the ice capacity of these brands you may be surprised. Some battery operated units will only hold 1/2 a bag of ice! Click here to learn more!

KoolerAire Evaporative Coolers How much power is required?

Our brush-less fan has a very low draw of 0.39 amps while providing 100 cfm (airflow), it is extremely quiet at approximately 44.5 dBA and will not drain your battery. When tested, our rechargeable power pack supplied 27 Hours of continuous operation!

12 volt Air Evaporative Coolers How large of an area will the device cool?

The original 12 volt prototype was tested on a 25 foot Parker Extended Cabin Boat. It worked extremely well cooling the Cuddy which is approximately 7 ft. X 7 ft. X 5 ft. and will work just as well in any small, enclosed space!

Evaporative Coolers Can I use the your product in any other Cooler or Ice Chest?

KoolerAire is made specifically for the KoolerAire Foam Cooler, Igloo's 25 quart Marine Coolers or the Coleman 28 quart Ice Basket.

12 volt Air Conditioners How may I prolong the effectiveness without ice readily available?Portable Coleman Air Conditioners

Tests have shown that the use of 2 two liter bottles filled with water and frozen work great!  A combination of both the bottles and cubes will supply very cold air for extended periods of time. Save money on ice and rotate the frozen bottles as needed!

Swampy personal cooling systems What can I do to reduce humidity and moisture?

An easy way to reduce moisture in high humid areas is to use ice packs, frozen plastic bottles or to leave the ice in it's original bag. The key is not to allow the air to come in contact with the ice or water directly. Our product will not increase the humidity or moisture already in the air.

Coleman personal cooling systems Can I use dry inside the Coleman ice chest for portable air conditioning?

Absolutely Not! Never use dry ice or any chemical cooling agent with KoolerAire!

Swampyl cooling systems Do I have to be a member of PayPal to order a 12 volt air conditioner?

KoolerAire accepts all major credit cards including: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express as well as PayPal. Ordering is fast, convenient, and 100% secure.


Swampyl cooling systems Can I order with a check or money order?

Yes, Simply print our fax / mail order form, complete and mail to the address on the top of the form. Faxed orders will be processed on the same day (excluding weekends), mail orders will be processed on the day received.


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