Evaporative 12v AC

Evaporative 12 volt Air Conditioning Swamp 12v AC Coolers

12v Air Cooler KoolerAire 12v air conditioner for: Boats, Tents, Campers, Trucks, Pets, Auto, Doghouse!

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Evaporative 12V ACThe KoolerAire 12 volt air conditioner is designed for our exclusive foam ice chest or the Igloo Marine & Coleman brands. KoolerAire's unique design and precise engineering enable it to fit snug in the upper portion of these great coolers. It won't take up valuable space which allows you to maintain storage capacity for food & beverages! Why have just a ice chest when you can have both a cooler and an evaporative air conditioner?

When not using your cooler for air conditioning simply place the KoolerAire cord in the built in holder and close the lid. Should  you need air conditioning open the lid & plug it in!

Not your average foam ice chest...

KoolerAire's chest is manufactured from the finest materials, built tough, lightweight and durable. With extra wide sides, removable lid and strong polymers it's not your every day foam chest! Manufactured specifically for the KoolerAire unit  you'rePortable 12v AC Cooling assured of proper fit and functionality.

12 Volt AC KoolerAire Size: 16 1/2 L X  9 1/8 W  X 1 1/4 H  

12v AC KoolerAire Power: 12-volt / 0.39 amps

12 volt air conditioner KoolerAire Cooler Dimensions: 19 1/4 L X 12 W x 13 1/2 H

*Please note: When using the Coleman ice basket you may need to fill a small gap along one side.


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