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KoolerAire 12 volt auto air conditioners 12v AC cooler in the news.

Provides 12 volt auto AC for: boats, tents, campers, golf carts, trucks, auto's and RV's

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Cost saving solution for your twelve volt auto air conditioning needs.12 volt Auto Air Conditioning

Auto Air Conditioners Cool Stuff by Dan Armitage (Trailer Boats Magazine)

My 12-volt favorite is a portable air conditioner from New York Based KoolerAire. I've used it to cool a boat cabin, a camper and my bedroom at home during a power outage. The KoolerAire was developed by a New Jersey Boater who realized that he could air condition a cuddy cabin using an ice filled cooler with the lid open.

KoolerAire was created by mounting a 12-volt fan in a vented lid to better circulate chilled air. The KoolerAire fits a 25 quart cooler and has an MSRP of $39.95.

I found the KoolerAire air conditioner works best when you fill & freeze the entire cooler for prolonged operation. However, Blue Ice or frozen water bottles are also good - they're also more portable, don't make the air damp, and spares can be kept frozen in a separate cooler.

About Dan Armitage

Dan Armitage is an outdoor writer based in Columbus. He covers Ohio for Outdoor Life, and also contributes regularly for Ohio Game and Fish, Ohio Outdoor Times, Ohio's Country Journal, Bass and Walleye Boats, Trailer Boats and other publications.

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Just slide the trimmed to fit unit into any cooler, plug in the car adapter and enjoy!

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