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car conditioner12 volt air auto air conditioner offers portable battery powered cooling anywhere. Turn any cooler into an air conditioner for $39.95.

It always seems to happen at the worst possible time, the peak of summer and your car A/C goes on the blink. Lets face it, in today's economy its a costly repair you simply don't have time for. Crank up KoolerAire and get back on the road again cooler in hand, you've got places to go and people to see! Also, it makes a great addition to any pre-ac vintage automobiles!

The auto air conditioner by KoolerAire is the cost saving solution for all your cooling needs. Use KoolerAire for temporary relief from the heat in any auto, truck or van for Only $39.95! Our ice chest adapter is the most affordable, best selling, space saving, car air conditioning products in America! Our formula for success is simple; Reliability, cost, quality, efficiency and performance backed by years of customer satisfaction!

KoolerAire's unique design makes 12 volt battery powered cooling more portable than ever before! Unlike other brands this unit is not restricted by messy tubing, pumps, pads, or water supply! And, with our wide range of power options you can take it anywhere! KoolerAire is great for vehicles with broken down A/C's or simply not working up to par, its also a fantastic addition to any vintage automobile during shows, parades, causal use anywhere!

Our attractive, compact profile, whisper quiet 12 volt fan, and low power consumption which makes it the affordable alternative to twelve volt, portable auto air conditioning costing much, much more! Also, KoolerAire's low amp draw translates to extended run times compared to all other battery powered brands! Order yours and and see what thousands of satisfied customers already know...KoolerAire works guaranteed! Great for your car, trucks, RV's, Campers, sleeper cabins and so much more! Use it anywhere and everywhere!

Why settle for just an ice cooler when you can have both a cooler and 12 volt auto air conditioner in one?

Several key features have contributed to KoolerAire's success the first being price; KoolerAire is affordable no doubt, it will also cool just as well and longer than any expensive portable auto brand. Second, you already own a cooler why purchase another one? KoolerAire will fit right inside your existing ice chest and won't take up valuable space inside or out. And last but certainly not least...IT WORKS! KoolerAire will help you beat the heat for hundreds less, no fuss, just add ice for a cold refreshing icy breeze that didn't cost an arm and a leg!

From the Coleman 28 qt. to the Igloo 72 qt. and everything in between KoolerAire's got you covered!

The KoolerAir battery powered 12v auto air conditioner ensures a nice snug fit around the top portion of virtually any cooler on the market, it is this fit that enables it to work so effectively! From the moment the unit is turned on air is forced downward into the sealed, ice filled cooler. This airflow moves across the ice and is chilled to approximately 50 degrees before exiting!

car air conditioning

Car A/C

Here's a neat 12v gadget I came across the other day an auto conditioning device that works when you fill a cooler with ice (or frozen 2L soda bottles) and install the 12v device ($40 USD), and it fills your car (or boat; it was originally designed for marine applications) with blessed coolness for as long as the ice lasts. A simple PVC elbow joint allows you to direct the cold air wherever you want. Don't laugh, it's brilliant. Regards Lynne (As posted on the Antique Auto Website)12 volt automobile air conditioning

car cooler 12 volt

I just wanted to let you know that I just received mine today and it's the best $40 I've ever spent. We live in South Texas and the A/C went out on my old car last summer and the repair bill was exaggerated. I placed the unit in my car this afternoon and it cooled all the way to school & back home several hours later. It  runs very quietly and is a great alternative to these hot humid days of Summer I'm very pleased.


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