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Battery Powered Portable AirPortable battery powered air conditioner 12 volt unit plugs into any 12v socket or rechargeable battery pack for hours of operation.

KoolerAire ice chest cooler adapters are the best selling, most portable, efficient, affordable, space saving, battery powered air conditioner products available! Reliability, cost, quality, efficiency and performance backed by years of customer satisfaction! And, with our rechargeable pack and AC adapter you can use your cooler anywhere!

With KoolerAire's unique design battery operated AC's have  become more portable than ever before! Unlike other brands its not restricted by messy hoses, pads, pumps, or water supply! And, with our wide range of power options you can take cool air anywhere!

With its attractive compact profile, quiet fan, and low power consumption KoolerAire is the economical alternative to battery operated air conditioners costing hundreds of dollars! KoolerAire's low amp draw means much longer run times compared to all other brands! Order yours today and see what thousands of satisfied customers already know...KoolerAire works for hundreds less!

Why settle for just an ice chest when you can have both a cooler and battery powered air conditioner in one?

Several key features have contributed to KoolerAire's success the first being price; KoolerAire is affordable no doubt, it will also cool just as well and longer than any expensive brand. Second, you already own a cooler why buy another one? KoolerAire will fit right inside your existing ice chest and won't take up valuable space inside or out. And last but certainly not least...IT WORKS! KoolerAire will help you beat the heat for hundreds less, no fuss, just add ice for a cold refreshing breeze that didn't cost an arm and a leg!DC Powered Conditioner

From the Coleman 28 quart to the gigantic Igloo 72 quart and everything in between KoolerAire's got you covered!

KoolerAire's battery powered air conditioner ensures a nice snug fit around the top portion of virtually any cooler on the market, it is this fit that enables it to work so effectively! From the moment the unit is turned on air is forced downward into the sealed, ice filled cooler. This airflow moves across the ice and is chilled to approximately 50 degrees before exiting.

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DC Operated Air

Here's a neat 12v gadget I came across the other day. It's called KoolerAire, and how it works is you fill a cooler with ice (or frozen 2L soda bottles) and install the KoolerAire 12v fan ($40 USD), and it fills your car (or boat; it was originally designed for marine applications) with blessed coolness for as long as the ice lasts. A simple PVC elbow joint allows you to direct the cold air wherever you want. Don't laugh, it's brilliant. Regards Lynne (As posted on the Antique Auto Website)

Powered  Conditioning

My wife and I purchased the KoolerAire battery powered air conditioner last year and we absolutely love it. We live in South Florida and go camping quite a bit, but camping in the summer months down here makes sleeping unbearable. Not anymore, this little gizmo is fantastic. No more excuses not to go camping. Did I mention we live in the muggy inferno we call South Florida? Thanks, Angel (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

Powered  Conditioners

I can't speak for others or the circumstances in which they have used it. I will say "for me and my family KoolerAire has definitely proven itself time and again!" For this reason I purchased another unit as a gift for my brother. When our KoolerAire was delivered we were so excited and immediately used ice from our freezer, once we plugged it in the airflow was instant andpowered conditioner very cold, about 54 degrees! The fan was surprisingly quiet and strong for its size, as a matter of fact we used it this weekend and were able to feel the air all the way across the tent which is 6 feet away using the PVC elbow! Since our purchase of KoolerAire we've tried everything from frozen soda bottles to Blue Ice to one gallon jugs. We found all worked well however, the best was using frozen gel packs combined with an ice. These packs can be used over and over again and last about 5 - 7 hours at 80 to 85 degrees. Initially the air is very cold (50 degrees) but increased slowly to about 55 - 60 degrees. This is still cold enough for our tent or boat cuddy cabin. KoolerAire works sufficiently to cool both comfortably, especially in the evening when we use ours most. I hope this is helpful for you and others that visit your site. KoolerAire is a fine, well made product. Thanks again, Geri

Keep your cool with KoolerAire...

Why spend hundreds for another "portable camper air conditioner" only to have messy hoses, pumps and water supply to contend with? The portability of these brands is actually limited due to the elements which are required to operate them! Bring KoolerAire along and enjoy total cooling freedom without spending a fortune! Click Here to order now!

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