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Camper Air ConditionerKoolerAire the leader in portable 12v AC cooling including the 12 volt camper air conditioner was developed by an outdoorsman who enjoys camping, fishing, and boating.

Like you, he searched the web looking for an inexpensive, portable 12 volt camper air conditioner with less than favorable results. You may be going thru the same thing with the same questions. First, why are these things so expensive? Followed by, where on earth am I going to store this thing? Frustrated, but determined, he crafted the very first 12v AC cooling prototype and used it regularly on his boat and while camping in his camper. Word spread quickly and soon people were lining up to find out how they could get one themselves! Here it is...The number one selling portable 12 volt air conditioners ever...KoolerAire!

Your cooler air conditioner can be used in any location, under "any" circumstances!

Unlike other 12 volt camper air conditioning products, KoolerAire is affordable and  totally portable with No messy hoses, No water supply, No bulky package or additional gear! It wont take up valuable space in your RV, camper, boat or garage. As a matter of fact it will slip right into the cooler you already own but when you need it you know its there! 

My philosophy when developing KoolerAire was very simple: to operate utilizing as little power as possible, to use the finest available materials, and to make it compact, portable, affordable and efficient. KoolerAire is great for boatsRV's, campers, tents, autos, aircraft or any small, enclosed space! Using KoolerAire couldn't be any easier, once it has been customized fill your cooler with ice, insert KoolerAire and plug in the car adapter plug. That's it! Just sit back and enjoy cool, crisp, refreshing air for hours without altering your coolers capacity! That's right, you can still use your cooler while it also cools you! 

KoolerAire offers a wide range of power options and packages pre selected which you may find by visiting our order page. If using in a vehicle, which already has a 12 socket you're cool, for more portability our rechargeable power pack may be right for you. (We also offer an AC/DC converter which plugs into any standard household socket).

From the Coleman 28 qt to the Igloo 72 qt and everything in between KoolerAire's AC has got you covered!

KoolerAire works just as well in any size cooler in any brand, small, medium, large, soft or hard sided. Once in place, the airflow velocity and temperature will be exactly the same...COLD! Now that's cool adaptability! View the video on how to customize your KoolerAire to fit any cooler here.

The KoolerAire 12 volt camper air conditioners unique design ensures a nice snug fit around the top portion of virtually any cooler on the market, it is this fit that enables it to work so effectively! From the moment the unit is turned on air is forced downward into the sealed, ice filled cooler. This airflow moves across the ice and is chilled to approximately 50 degrees before exiting! In addition, KoolerAire's low amp draw translates to much longer run times compared to all other brands! Order yours today and see what thousands of satisfied customers already know...KoolerAire works for hundreds less!

KoolerAire's 12v AC's  Limitation is Your Imagination!12v AC Camper

Why spend hundreds for another "portable camper air conditioner" only to have messy hoses, pumps and water supply to contend with? The portability of these brands is actually limited due to the elements which are required to operate them! Bring KoolerAire along and enjoy total cooling freedom without spending a fortune!

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