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Try KoolerAire before you invest hundreds of dollars for overpriced under performing 12 volt air conditioning!

In just a few short years KoolerAire has revolutionized the 12 volt air conditioning market quickly becoming the most popular, affordable, portable, reliable brand ever! KoolerAire's success actually caused one desperate company to compare their $787.00 air conditioner to the affordable $39.95 KoolerAire! This comparison simply confirms...You don't have to spend a fortune for a portable 12-volt air conditioner!

With advertising like that need we say more?

Not really because... It's no coincidence KoolerAire is the only 12 volt air conditioning unit offered by Boater's World and other fine retailers nationwide! Imitation is the highest form of flattery however, don't be mislead by these KoolerAire knockoffs; they're expensive, bulky, clumsy devices simply thrown on top of coolers and slapped with ridiculous $700.00 plus price tags! Remember; high price does not equal performance! Try KoolerAire the #1 selling, portable 12-volt air conditioner and save this summer Guaranteed!

Misleading the public or lets just slap it on a cooler? Either way Swampy is overpriced and under performing!

Overpriced Swampy ModelUnfortunately, one company feeling the heat is attempting to mislead shoppers by offering false information and unsubstantiated opinions for monetary gain. We asked KoolerAire's President his thoughts on this topic during a recent Q&A round table discussion. "I'd say its reasonable to assume we captured the industries attention although, the company in question appears completely obsessed with us." says KoolerAire's President. "Our success is the result of hard work, cost effectiveness, performance, and customer satisfaction. This manufacturer, unable to achieve these same goals has unfavorably resorted to irresponsible business practices." Why then is this company that makes a $787.00 unit so threatened by the $39.95 KoolerAire? "You actually answered the question for me... "KoolerAire works for hundreds less which is something they don't want you to know." 

Obviously this company is trying to mislead the public in so many ways, for instance; pricing. Are we to believe the unit on the left was once $949.00 (as they claim) but for some reason it now has a Special Web price of $787.00? They're trying to fool the public with a false savings when in fact this is not the case at all! After the introduction of KoolerAire they simply took a unit and slapped it on top of a cooler and voila...this company's answer to KoolerAire! Unfortunately, it's TWENTY times the price! Its big, its bulky, its heavy, its expensive, its a monstrosity!

Independent test of the M200 model offered by another company with a hefty price tag of $697.00!

According to trials, the smaller unit was capable of chilling the outlet air to about 67 degrees at best, for about 30 minutes. For a portion of the test the outlet air measured 75 degrees. This had a negligible effect on cabin temperature. Directing the cooling vents at the face or body helped but overall it was ineffective. Six hundred and ninety seven dollars for 30 minutes of cooling with an output of 75 degrees! Are you kidding?

Still not convinced? This model which is an existing device simply slapped onto a cooler wasn't introduced until 2005 "after" KoolerAire took the industry by storm. Feeling the heat this monstrosity was hastily developed "after" making absurd claims that using a cooler was not feasible. Still, even though it was recently introduced at the time they crafted a bogus retail price and the same "web price" savings? This trend goes for every single product they sell. See this for yourself using the internets way back machine, then check KoolerAire's site and you'll find our price hasn't changed although we got better, bigger and stronger while continuing to grow year after year. KoolerAire works for hundreds less!

Okay, enough of the nonsense, lets get back to the real reason you're here and how we can help!

You want cooling that won't break the bank and that's what KoolerAire is all about! From the KoolerAire 25 qt. cooler to the gigantic Igloo 72 qt. ice chest, any brand, soft or hard sided, and everything in between you're cool!

KoolerAire is designed to work just as well in any cooler, small, medium, large, soft or hard sided. Once in place, the airflow velocity and temperature will be exactly the same, COLD! Now that's adaptability at an affordable price!Swampy is overpriced

The KoolerAire portable 12 volt conditioner was developed by an outdoorsman who enjoys camping, fishing, and boating. And, like you, he searched the web looking for an inexpensive 12 volt air conditioner with less than favorable results. Most portable units he found were hundreds of dollars, required a steady water supply or were quite large and bulky. Frustrated but determined he made the very first prototype...continue reading

Swampy 12v Portable Air Conditioner

There's no disputing the KoolerAire air conditioners credentials...

Not only is KoolerAire the most popular 12v air conditioning unit in America, it's also featured in the prestigious Boater's World master catalog and Trailer Boats Magazine as the "12-volt favorite portable boat air conditioner!" Get yours today and see what tens of thousands of satisfied customers already know! Order Now.

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