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Ice Chest Air ConditionerIce Chest / Cooler air conditioner. Turn any cooler into portable battery operated 12 volt air conditioning - Only $39.95

KoolerAire's cooler selection is entirely up to you! The unit will arrive with a measurement of 27L X 14.5 W ready to be customized for fit. Although sturdy it cuts easily with a utility knife, best to leave the corners square as they will form fit to the cooler's wall itself. Please visit our FAQ page for more helpful cooling tips!

Once slipped into place it will instantly turn your ice chest into a portable 12 volt air conditioner. Yes, its that easy! Your unit is guaranteed to last for many years of reliable cooling service. Its the ice chest / air conditioner in one by KoolerAire. 

This 12 volt air conditioning unit is large enough for virtually any cooler or ice chest brand on the market including soft sided models. Its rugged, lightweight, yet easy to cut and best of all affordable! KoolerAire will run longer than any other cooler air conditioning device currently available! You already have the cooler now get KoolerAire and turn it into an air conditioner for under 40 dollars! KoolerAire works with all name brand and generic coolers including; Coleman, Igloo, Rubbermaid, Yeti and Styrofoam. View the video on how to customize your KoolerAire to fit any cooler here.

Why settle for just an ordinary old box when you can have an ice chest air conditioner?

Several key features have contributed to KoolerAire's success the first being price; KoolerAire is affordable, it will also cool just as well and longer than any expensive brand. Second, you already own a cooler why buy another one? KoolerAire's air conditioner ice chest adapter will fit right inside your existing cooler and won't take up valuable space inside or out. And last but certainly not least...IT WORKS! Beat the heat for hundreds less, just add ice for an ice cold refreshing icy breeze that didn't cost an arm and a leg!

Cooler selection is up to you! Its no wonder it's is the Best Selling, portable, 12v A/C brand in the country!

KoolerAire is manufactured from the finest materials, built tough, lightweight and durable. Sturdy extra wide depth and removable power cord, each has been precisely engineered to be trimmed to fit virtually any size cooler. From the Igloo 25 quart to the 72 quart and everything in between you're assured of proper fit, function and diversity.

Keep your cool with KoolerAire...

Why spend hundreds for another "portable camper air conditioner" only to have messy hoses, pumps and water supply to contend with? The portability of these brands is actually limited due to the elements which are required to operate them! Bring KoolerAire along and enjoy total cooling freedom without spending a fortune! Click Here to order now!

12 volt Battery Powered Order Now!ice chest air conditioner

Conditioner Unit Size: 27 L X  14.5 W  X 1.75 H

Ice-Chest-Air-Conditioner Power Requirements: 12-volt / 0.39 amps

Chest Air

My wife and I purchased ours last year and we absolutely love it. We live in South Florida and go camping quite a bit, but camping in the summer months down here makes sleeping unbearable. Not anymore, this little gizmo is fantastic. No more excuses not to go camping. Did I mention we live in the muggy inferno we call South Florida? Thanks, Angel (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

Chest Air Conditioner

Unfortunately, I had purchased a more expensive product last year and was very disappointed by its performance, or should I say the lack of. Sure the unit would blow but it was barely above room temperature, kind of like a very expensive fan with hoses, cables and cords, it was a mess. Not to mention it worked off a water supply so it was spitting water out the vents! Needless to say I didn't return it right away and got stuck holding the bag. Recently, I found your site and thought..."for only $40.00 bucks its worth a shot" Well. I received my KoolerAire and couldn't be happier, the air is actually as cold as you state and cools my small cuddy nicely! Thank you for a wonderfully clever idea! Scott NJ


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