Portable 12 volt air conditioners for pets RV's boats Only $39.95!

Tent Boat Marine RV's Pets Portable 12 Volt Air Conditioners

Personal 12 volt air conditioners for: boats, tents, campers, trucks, pets, auto's doghouses and RV's!

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Evaporative swamp coolers for virtually any application: Pets, Boats, Campers and so much more!

Tent Boat Marine RV Portable 12 Volt Air ConditionersUnlike other air conditioners selling for hundreds of dollars KoolerAire requires No Messy Hoses, No Pumps, or Water Supply.

KoolerAire's unique design makes it the most portable conditioners on the market today. Because KoolerAire does not have the restraints of a water supply hose you can take it anywhere you would a cooler!

Perfect for your RV, Car, Truck, Van, Aircraft or even the beach! KoolerAire will not only provide you with air conditioning comfort, you can still use your cooler as it works! So the next time you or your family venture into the great outdoors remember: Only KoolerAire will be able to provide air conditioning comfort with the ease of adding ice to your cooler!

How does KoolerAire work so effectively?

KoolerAire fits securely within the top portion of your cooler trapping the cold air inside. Once the unit is turned on the powerful, 100 cfm, brush-less fan draws hot air in through the large opening directly into and through the ice. The air is instantly cooled to about 50 degrees before being released through the smaller vent. Want some great tips on cooling and how to prolong your ice? Check out our FAQ page for more info!Air Conditioners for Pets Tent RV Marine Boat

Why sweat another night in your tent, RV or boat, why suffer in any room or small space that lacks air conditioning? Get KoolerAire and relax with the cooling comfort of ice cold air! KoolerAire's attractive design with it's whisper quiet fan is the economical alternative to RV air conditioners costing hundreds of dollars! (Cooler Sold Separately)

KoolerAire Dimensions: 16 1/4 X  9  X 1 1/4        Power Usage: 0.39 amps

KoolerAire's performance has been described as " ...the air is coming out at 50 degrees, about the same velocity as my car system set on medium." Jane Pa.

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12 volt Air Conditioners for Pets Tent RV Marine Boat conditioner 12 volt

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