KoolerAire Portable 12 Volt RV Boat Marine Air Conditioners Only $49.95!

KoolerAire Portable 12Volt RV Boat Marine 12v Air Conditioners

Personal 12volt air conditioner for: boats, tents, campers, trucks, auto's and RV's

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Portable 12v AC RV Boat Marine 12 volt Air Conditioners Only $49.95!  Portable 12 Volt RV air conditioner personal 12v AC  12v Air Conditioner Fax / Mail Order  

Due to an overwhelming response to this new design we are currently sold out!



Portable 12 volt air conditioner by KoolerAire

KoolerAire AC Base Unit

Price: $39.95

Trim to fit / Plugs into standard cigarette socket.


AC/DC Power Converter. Converter for 110 volts to 12 Volts DC

AC/DC Power Converter

Price: $29.99

Power KoolerAire from home outlet.


KoolerAire Foam Cooler

Price: $21.00

Foam Cooler 19 1/4 L X 12 W x 13 1/2 H


RoadPro RPAT-777 Portable 12 volt Power Pack Portable Power Supply

Portable 12 volt Power Pack

Price: $69.95

Power KoolerAire Anywhere - Rechargeable


RoadPro RPPS-223 two way adapter plug 12 volt splitter

Two Way 12 volt Splitter

Price: $16.00

Splits one power supply into 2 outlets


RoadPro RPPTSP-312 Three way 12 volt Outlet 3 way 12 volt splitter

Three Way 12 volt Splitter

Price: $24.99

Splits one power supply into 3 Outlets


RoadPro RPPSAPS 12 Volt Alligator Clip On with 12 Volt Socket

12 Volt Clip-On Socket

Price: $16.00

Socket clips directly to battery terminals


RoadPro RP-203EC 12 Volt Extension Cable with Cigarette Socket 12 Volt Extension Cord

Extension Cord 12-Volt

Price: $16.00

Cigarette socket 10 foot extension cord


RoadPro RP-1137 12 volt Fan Oscillating Clip On, 12 Volt Fan Mounting Hardware

12-Volt Clip On Oscillating Fan

Price: $24.99

Clip On or use included mounting hardware


Teeth whitening toothbrush Whitens with rotating bristles & "Blue Light" technology!

WhiteBrush Teeth Whitening ToothBrush

Teeth Whitening Toothbrush

Price: $29.95

Whitens teeth with Blue Light Technology 


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