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Pet Air Conditioner 12 Volt Portable ACPet air conditioner portable. 12 volt dog cooler for home, dog house, vehicle, anywhere! Affordable cooling for $39.95

KoolerAire is certainly worthy of mans best friend, all that fur is great to pet but in reality on a hot summer day it must be brutal. He (or she) is your buddy and its up to you to make sure they're as comfortable as possible inside or out. The doghouse is punishment for the man of the house not your dog, lets keep it that way!

Affordable cooling for man's best friend made easy! Our 12v pet air conditioner for dogs offers your four legged buddy relief from the heat anywhere! Its affordable and worthy of mans best friend, easy to use and much less expensive than any other brand available! The KoolerAire pet air conditioning unit continues to be the best selling, portable, durable, most versatile, 12 volt dog air conditioners Nationwide! Reliability, price, effectiveness, quality, and performance backed by years of tail wagging customer satisfaction.

With KoolerAire's space saving design pet air conditioning has become more portable than ever before! Unlike others, we're not restricted by messy hoses, pads, pumps, or water supply! And, with our wide range of power options you can take cool air in the home, yard, dog house, vehicle, wherever they may roam!

Our attractive, compact profile, whisper quiet fan, and low power consumption makes KoolerAire the economical alternative to twelve volt, portable pet AC's costing hundreds of dollars! In addition, KoolerAire's low amp draw translates to much longer run times compared to all other brands! Order yours today and see what thousands of satisfied customers already know...KoolerAire works for hundreds less! Perfect for boats, tents, camping, golf cart, hot truck cabs or cars, surveillance, camper, stuffy rooms, Rv's, doghouse, sheds, barns, use it anywhere! Now that's cool!

Why settle for just an ordinary box when you can have both a ice chest and pet air conditioner in one?

Several key features have contributed to KoolerAire's success the first being price; KoolerAire is affordable no doubt, it will also cool just as well and longer than any expensive brand. Second, you already own a cooler why buy another one? KoolerAire will fit right inside your existing ice chest and won't take up valuable space inside or out. And last but certainly not least...IT WORKS! KoolerAire will help you beat the heat for hundreds less, no fuss, just add ice for a cold refreshing breeze that didn't cost an arm and a leg!

From the Coleman 28 qt to the Igloo 72 qt and everything in between KoolerAire's got you covered!

The KoolerAire cooler for dogs unique design ensures a nice snug fit around the top portion of virtually any cooler on the market, it is this fit that enables it to work so effectively! From the moment the unit is turned on air is forced downward into the sealed, ice filled cooler. This airflow moves across the ice and is chilled to approximately 50 degrees before exiting sure to make any dog happy!

Pet air conditioning cooler

Pet / Dog Air Cooler 12 volt

We purchased the KoolerAire conditioner unit and an Igloo Cooler recently from your website. I wanted to see if it would keep the internal temperature of my SUV ( Ford Escape) cool enough for when we travel with our dog and have to make a stop where the dog couldn't go with us. The results have been better than expected. The method we use is to keep the windows cracked about 2 inches, we use a reflective sun shade on the windshield and small sun screens on the driver and passenger windows. The other windows on the SUV are a dark security tint. With the KoolerAire the internal temperature of my SUV stays at a very safe and comfortable temperature for my dog for hours even in direct sunlight on very hot days. We experimented leaving a high/low digital thermometer in the car prior to using it with our dog. The internal temperature was no more than 75 degrees F. Using block ice when available the ice lasted longer than cubed or crushed. Twenty pounds of  cubed ice lasted for well over six hours, and no we don't leave our dog in the car for six hours!!!!  Your unit really has made going on road trips for us much easier as we can now travel with our dog when we go camping. We do use an external power pack to power the unit. Mike San Diego

Dog air conditioner 12 volt

Coolness, literally...Oh, the loveliness of gadgets. Originally it runs on ice, but following the suggestion at the site, I grabbed some two liter bottles full of water and froze them. After the test run, I've guessed that I'll need 2 two liters and 1-2 one liter bottles for best cooling affect. I've got 4 bottles now, so it will be easy keeping them in rotation. So I don't have to pay for ice bags or anything. Yes, yes, I sound like a commercial. I don't care, this conditioning thing is great...and it's all mine! S.W.

Dan Armitage from Trailer Boats and Boating Life writes:

My 12-volt favorite is a portable pet air conditioning unit from New York Based KoolerAire. I've used it to cool a boat cabin, a camper andPet-12 - Volt, Portable my bedroom at home during a power outage. The device was developed by a New Jersey boater who realized that he could cool his cuddy cabin using an ice filled chest with the lid open.

I found the unit works best when you fill & freeze the entire ice chest for prolonged operation. However, Blue Ice or frozen water bottles are also good - they're also more portable, don't make the air damp, inexpensive, and spares can be kept frozen for use at another time. Don't forget you may continue to keep your food and beverages in the cooler while it also cools you!

Dan Armitage is an outdoor writer based in Columbus. He covers for Outdoor Life, and also contributes regularly for Oh. Game and Fish, Oh. Outdoor Times, Oh. Country Journal, Bass and Walleye Boats, Trailer Boats and other publications.

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