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evaporative 12v AC coolingSwampy air conditioner 12 volt portable A/C for use anywhere. Compare and save BIG!

The cost saving solution for all your 12 volt Swampy air conditioning needs. KoolerAire has out-sold and out-performed the Swamp style air conditioners every season for good reason: KoolerAire works for hundreds less! Today they continue to be the best selling, most versatile, 12v swampy air conditioning products Nationwide! Our formula for success is simple; Reliability, cost effectiveness, quality, and performance backed by years of customer satisfaction!

With KoolerAire's space saving design air conditioning has become more portable than ever before! Unlike other brands, we're not restricted by messy hoses, pads, pumps, or water supply! And, with our wide range of power options you can take Kool Air Anywhere!

Our attractive, compact profile, whisper quiet fan, and low power consumption makes KoolerAire the economical alternative to twelve volt, portable air conditioners costing hundreds of dollars! In addition, KoolerAire's low amp draw translates to much longer run times compared to all other brands! Order yours today and see what thousands of satisfied customers already know...KoolerAire works for hundreds less! Now that's refreshing! Perfect for boats, tents, camping, golf cart, hot truck cabs or cars, surveillance, camper, stuffy rooms, Rv's, doghouse, sheds, barns, use it anywhere! That's cool!

Why settle for just an ice chest when you can have both a cooler and swampy style air conditioner in one?

Several key features have contributed to KoolerAire's success the first being price; KoolerAire is affordable no doubt, it will also cool just as well and longer than any expensive brand. Second, you already own a cooler why buy another one? KoolerAire will fit right inside your existing ice chest and won't take up valuable space inside or out. And last but certainly not least...IT WORKS! KoolerAire will help you beat the heat for hundreds less, no fuss, just add ice for a cold refreshing breeze that didn't cost an arm and a leg!

From the Coleman 28 quart to the gigantic Igloo 72 quart and everything in between KoolerAire's got you covered!

The KoolerAire 12 volt air conditioners unique design ensures a nice snug fit around the top portion of virtually any cooler on the market, it is this fit that enables it to work so effectively! From the moment the unit is turned on air is forced downward into the sealed, ice filled cooler. This airflow moves across the ice and is chilled to approximately 50 degrees before exiting!

12 volt Swampy air conditioner

Iíve been using one for several years in hot & humid Texas in my Cessna Cardinal and it really makes a welcome difference.  I occasionally fly Angel Flights with cancer patients and they especially enjoy the relief from the summer heat this product provides. R. Maas

Dan Armitage from Trailer Boats and Boating Life writes:

My 12-volt favorite is Swampy air conditioners from New York Based KoolerAire. I've used it to cool a boat cabin, a camper and my bedroom at home during a power outage. The device was developed by a New Jersey boater who realized that he could cool his cuddy cabin using an ice filled chest with the lid open.

I found the unit works best when you fill & freeze the entire ice chest for prolonged operation. However, Blue Ice or frozen water bottles are also good - they're also more portable, don't make the air damp, inexpensive, and spares can be kept frozen for use at another time. Don't forget you may continue to keep your food and beverages in the cooler while it also cools you!

Dan Armitage is an outdoor writer based in Columbus. He covers for Outdoor Life, and also contributes regularly for Oh. Game and Fish, Oh. Outdoor Times, Oh. Country Journal, Bass and Walleye Boats, Trailer Boats and other publications.swampy air conditioner

KoolerAire's success is causing this desperate company to feel the heat!  Swampy Air Conditioners 12 volt Portable

Independent test of the M200 model offered by another company with a price tag of $697.00!

According to trials, the smaller unit was capable of chilling the outlet air to about 67 degrees, at best, for about 30 minutes. For a portion of the test, the outlet air measured 75 degrees. This had a negligible effect on inside cabin temperature. Directing the cooling vents at the face or body helped, but the smaller cooler didn't seem as effective...

Six Hundred and Ninety Seven dollars for 30 minutes of cooling with an output of Seventy Five degrees! Are you kidding?



Swampy air conditioner twelve volt evaporative cooler 12v air conditioning


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